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This 1993 book tells the history of the building of Marin Contarini's palace - the Cà d'Oro, or 'House of Gold' - over a period of nearly twenty years. The relationships between Contarini and his craftsmen are analysed, as is the pivotal role of Contarini himself, the architect manqué whose monument this was to become.

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ith the fall of the Abyssial Obsidian Gold City, war has waged in Primosaec for 16 Milenius between the First bloods of Arinviatal, the pure bloods of Primordia and the Rift...

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TRIP! And then, SLAM! This is when longtime malfeasant and contract assassin Johnny Hurley realizes he's onto something. When he finds an old, dirt encrusted coin and utters...

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"HI. My name's Amiere. Not long ago William the Conqueror invaded England. What's that to do with me. I'll tell you."What begins as a simple game of hide and seek while...

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Standing stones built into an ancient church, a lost undercover detective and a dangerous gang trading treasures from the past. Can Bill Scathlock save his friend’s life...

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When Peter Marshall set off to sail around Ireland in June 1995, he had never skippered a boat or sailed alone before. Along the way he met all manner of people: fishermen,...

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