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Loftlore Resolve is the third novel of “The Loftlore Trilogy”. Dercy and Balanor live in peace. He recently returned to her from Psi, a vast dimensional force to which the lost Sarahan had been banished. All think the world is now safe for Ragnall, Mankind, dragons and the several other species who occupy the world. Not so! Men from Earth, from the church of the Healing Hand, have sensed the reawakened power that is the species Sarahan. Balanor still posses theSight sword, a weapon made from a single Starstone, a Sarahan manufactured star sapphire. The ragtag mission of pastors and deacons from Earth park their makeshift spacecraft over the now occupied main island of the Sarahan. They release an atomic weapon upon the Sarahan and the many dragons who also live there. Though in different parts of the world, the Mother of dragons, Mildramar, and Balanor, using Psi, through the Sight sword,save many of the dragons and Sarahan. It was done at great cost. Mildramar is killed. Balanor gathers a diverse group, including a dragon hatchling or “wyrm” (a term considered insulting). Balanor swears to make the killing cease.

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