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Celebrating her 39th birthday with a night on the tiles, Louise and best friend Annie realise that, despite their best intentions, they're still nowhere near to being like those enviable 'modern women who have it all' - something their friends, family and even their lovers seem all too happy to remind them of. With a few home truths to face up to, and their friendships teetering on the edge, will the morning after be too tough a pill to swallow? "I Like Mine with a Kiss" opens at the Bush Theatre, London on 14th February 2007.

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A kiss is a simple communication. It can also be an exchange, a betrayal, an assault, a promise, a hope...or it could be a goodbye. The intimacy of a kiss cannot be denied....

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A Kiss Goodnight is a valentine to Walt Disney from the legendary songwriter Richard Sherman. Opening with a touching story about what inspired Richard to write the song, A...

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We wonder as young adults who we will be or what we will become. Will the right someone come along that we are meant to be with forever? Wishing we would have said hello or...

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Blayne "Blay" Shaw is a woman graced with beauty, passion, and a painful secret that haunts her mind. The daughter of The Lion, she is used to being revered and protected,...

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