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Wrath Of Angels A pesar del avance en la concienciación de la ciudadanía con respecto al medio ambiente, es imprescindibleseguir en la brecha para modificar las actitudes de las personas. En este sentido, la escuela tiene también laoportunidad de contribuir a esta concienciación ciudadana. En las páginas de este libro el lector encontraráreflexiones y propuestas interesantes y novedosas (para infantil, primaria y secundaria), que demuestran quees posible e imprescindible trabajar en y desde la escuela por un desarrollo sostenible de la Tierra.

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It’s six years after ‘The War.’ Not the 'War to End All Wars' or 'the Big One.' Just ‘The War,’ a global nuclear apocalypse. Out of the bedlam emerge the human jackals--the Scorpions, anarchist mercenaries of immorality and savagery aside the monstrous mutants known as Nomads. These deformed and nearly invincible cannibals prey on the unaffected and are the stuff of nightmares. Lloyd and Carlos have wandered the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, for almost six years. They've managed to survive thieves, feral prostitutes, gypsy cannibals and even themselves. Lloyd, a dark and troubled personality with unusual psychic gifts, is kept just this side of sanity by his Cuban companion and psychologist, Carlos, who has some issues of his own to deal with...not the least of which is his direct involvement in the murder of Lloyd's family. When Lloyd is seriously injured in a fight with desert bandits, Carlos seeks medical attention for him in a nearby city where he runs into an old and deadly enemy, Scorpio, leader of a savage gang determined to take over what’s left of America. Trying to rescue his friend from Scorpio’s clutches, Lloyd is mistaken for the Archangel Michael by religious zealots camping nearby. He is their prophecy fulfilled, the angel come to lead them against the spreading evil. As he grudgingly takes on this new persona, even Carlos and their new companions, Doug and Todd, start to question Lloyd’s true identity. Within this hellish landscape, four orphans of humanity rise to end the chaos and depravity. Lloyd, Carlos, Doug and Todd, strangers brought together by destiny, brothers forged by fate. To war against evil, they must become something more than men, something guaranteed to generate fear in the wicked and inspiration in the righteous. In their presence, men will whisper this warning to all transgressors, “Beware the wrath of angels for they are done with the ways of men.”

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