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Practical and clinically focused, Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology is a trusted medical reference book designed to capture the latest scientific discoveries and their implications for cancer diagnosis and management of cancer in the most accessible manner possible. Abeloff’s equips everyone involved - from radiologists and oncologists to surgeons and nurses - to collaborate effectively and provide the best possible cancer care.Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Select the most appropriate tests and imaging studies for cancer diagnosis and staging of each type of cancer, and manage your patients in the most effective way possible by using all of the latest techniques and approaches in oncology.Enhance your understanding of complex concepts with a color art program that highlights key points and illustrates relevant scientific and clinical problems. Stay at the forefront of the latest developments in cancer pharmacology, oncology and healthcare policy, survivorship in cancer, and many other timely topics.See how the most recent cancer research applies to practice through an increased emphasis on the relevance of new scientific discoveries and modalities within disease chapters.Streamline clinical decision making with abundant new treatment and diagnostic algorithms as well as concrete management recommendations.Take advantage of the collective wisdom of preeminent multidisciplinary experts in the field of oncology, including previous Abeloff’s editors John E. Niederhuber, James O. Armitage, and Michael B. Kastan as well as new editors James H. Doroshow from the National Cancer Institute and Joel E. Tepper of Gunderson & Tepper: Clinical Radiation Oncology.Quickly and effortlessly access the key information you need with the help of an even more user-friendly, streamlined format.Access the complete contents anytime, anywhere at Expert Consult, and test your mastery of the latest knowledge with 500 online multiple-choice review questions.

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