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The XXX Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences took place in Vancouver, Canada, in July 1986; and this Volume contains a selection of the Review Lectures which formed part of the Congress programme. They cover most of the areas of contemporary physiology and were presented by distinguished scientists from many parts of the world. An innovation at this Congress was the inclusion in the programme of a number of lectures devoted to historical subjects. These lectures attracted large audiences at the meetings, and three of them also appear in this book. Finally, the Plenary Lectures which formed part of the opening and closing ceremonies and which deal with some aspects of Canadian physiological history, find a place here as well. The Editors are grateful to all of the authors who provided the manuscripts which go to make up this book, and to John Donald for his invaluable assistance in the preparation of the final text; as well of course to all of the contributors whose participation made the Congress the success which it was. It is hoped that this Volume will provide a useful memento of the event.

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