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Welcome to what’s sure to be a new Children’s Christmas Classic – A Children’s Story. The first book in a wonderful series. The time is 5 days before Christmas. The place is the North Pole… in Santa Claus’ living room. Santa has just read the 4th letter from young Jeremy Jenkins asking for more toys for Christmas… all for himself. Not even one toy for his little brother or sister. Santa decides to teach Jeremy the true meaning of Christmas by taking him back in time to Bethlehem… to see the very 1st Christmas. As the story unfolds, Jeremy begins to understand that a gift is not always something you can hold in your hands. What transpires is an enchanting and heartwarming tale with a lesson: the greatest gift that we can give and receive is - love. Children will enjoy this story again and again. PRAISE FOR THE AUTHOR: “A beautiful Christmas story that’s the perfect blend of sharing the reason for the season as well as the spirit of giving…especially when it comes to giving the greatest gift of all - love. I’m looking forward to the next books in this series.” D. D. Scott, International Bestselling Author ABOUT THE AUTHOR: D.L. Houston comes by her artistic talent quite naturally as she is the daughter of two world-class musicians and is from a family that includes a number of musicians, inventors, an artist, and a best-selling author. After experiencing a successful singing career of her own, she now resides in Florida with her husband where she is currently writing, and still enjoying the arts and living and working in paradise. As a Breast Cancer Survivor, D.L. “stops to smell the roses” every day and has a strong desire to make a difference and to give something back.

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