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In a society where private lives become political and freedom of expression is not an option, Irene finds herself imprisoned. As tales of her incarceration spread overseas and her growing exposure becomes a threat, she is forced to make a brutal decision.Penelope Skinner's new play is a haunting vision of ruthless state control, tense friendships and one woman's determination not to be broken. Meek is a tale which reflects on our own fraught times.

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A diverse selection of contemporary plays from a range of established and up-and-coming playwrights based in France, edited and translated by Chris Campbell, Literary Manager...

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Though written for youngsters, these seven plays are suitable for audiences of all ages. All but one have been produced in the U.S. by small theatre companies, as well as...

Meek (Oberon Modern Plays) Libro Epub

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"Literature matters," says Paul B. Armstrong, "for what it reveals about human experience, and the very different perspective of neuroscience on how the brain works is part...

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Drama. In MUTANT SEX PARTY & OTHER PLAYS, Ed Macdonald eviscerates the high and mighty, the hypocritical, and those who abuse power in late-Capitalism America. He expertly...

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"We Did It" is a ten minute play depicting a bedroom scene with a married man and woman on the day she has given him the wonderful news that she is pregnant."Two Men In A...

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