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A fully updated, all-in-one guide to synthetic and alternative energy technologiesThoroughly revised to cover today’s essential topics, this practical resource discusses the benefits and trade-offs of a wide range of alternative fuels and energy sources. The handbook offers expert analyses of fuel properties, processes, and performance characteristics as well as in-depth discussions of gaseous, liquid, and solid synthetic fuels. Special attention is given to cutting-edge technologies such as fuel cells and biofuels.Synthetic Fuels Handbook: Properties, Process, and Performance, Second Edition features clear, practical explanations of the latest concepts, systems, and technologies. The book covers the production of synthetic fuels on both industrial and individual scales. You will get full details on fuels from natural gas and natural gas hydrates, tar, sand bitumen, coal, oil shale, synthesis gas, crops, wood sources, biomass, industrial and domestic waste, landfill gas, and more.•Reorganized and streamlined to explain the source materials, production, and properties of synthetic fuels •Compares alternative fuels with petroleum-based counterparts•U.S. and SI units are used throughout•Written by an internationally recognized fuels expert and experienced author

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