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Who is your favorite person in the world? You know the answer would be your mom! Written in beautiful rhyme this is an excellent story that honors all mothers in the world. Here's what readers are already saying about this inspiring kids book:"This story is a sweet reminder told in rhyme of how much our children look up to us as their mothers. " -- Helen "This is one of the childrens books that are so incredible you just need to share them with everyone" -- Steve "This is a cute picture book, perfect for kids, talks about all the ways that mothers are special, no matter what they do " -- Jenny The story explores boy's bond with his mom and her incredible super powers. Mom is a whole lot stronger than any monster could ever be. She always protects her little boy, erase bad dreams at night, cook delicious meals, has the the ability to find anything that is lost. And above all, she always believes in her son’s dreams.
Warning! Cuteness overload, so be ready!This preschool book has a great story and fantastic illustrations that will make you happier or just put a smile on your face. You and your kids will love this bedtime story...grab it now while it's still available at this discounted price.

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